Experience has taught us that having a larger range leads to increased sales. This is why we opt, purposefully, for a large and correct free stock.

Our investments facilitate increased sales without extra investment by your company, thanks to the following tools:

Stock links

Sell more in your store or via your webshop, from our enormous Benelux stock, with a direct link on your computer system.
More choice = more sales!  


You charge customers in your store for items that you do not have in stock. We deliver the package directly to the address you provide us, e.g. to your customer or to your store.

Online ordering B2B

We have developed an extensive online B2B platform that offers our clients support 24/7.

Our objectiveis not to miss any more sales! Make use of our new developments and increase your profitability!

Nowadays, with the advent of stock links and online sales, it is essential to have accurate stock counts. For this reason, we carry out regular inventories of our stock.

Our warehouse staff form an important link in the total client experience and our all-round service provision. We are therefore still enlarging our experienced and committed warehouse team. We keep them informed about all trends and innovations in the market by means of updates, procedures and general feedback moments.

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