High Demand Brands


Our mission is to assist retailers in selling our brands successfully. We want to make sure they become leading brands. Our goal is to offer our clients and suppliers added value.


We always invest in creative marketing, dynamic sales, technological innovations and stock optimisation. As a result, we offer our clients tested methods that lead to immediate success.

We want to grow even further to become the most innovative and the most technically progressive player in our market. We will always give our best in the future, and we will continue investing in innovation. Due to the added value we offer our clients, and our close collaboration with them, we are able to partner on an optimum strategy and achieve even more successful results.

About us

The story of High Demand Brands began in the early 1990s, with the distribution of bicycles and bicycle accessories. Over the years, various other brands began placing their confidence in our extensive expertise. So our subsequent introduction into the world of sport, shoes and fashion was a logical extension of this confidence.

That we are one of the favourite partners of our brands is evident in the many awards we have received from numerous international brands.