R.A.Company BVBA is certified for ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015

1.    QUALITY management – ISO 9001:2015

2.    ENVIRONMENTAL management – ISO 14001:2015

RA Company implements a policy of guaranteeing constant safe and of high-quality work, continual improvements and prevention of polluting activities. Client satisfaction forms an important part of this. In order to achieve this we use a business management system. This system complies with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 norms.

We do all in our power to comply with all the regulations and laws in force.

Our mission and vision are the lines along which our company operates:



Our mission is to help retailers benefit from excellent sales of our brands and to work together with them to make these leading brands so that we are able to guarantee significant added value for our clients, our consumers and our suppliers.



By investing in and integrating excellent marketing and sales skills, new ICT developments and stock optimisation, we are able to offer our clients resources that lead to immediate improvement in results.

In order to guarantee quality, our employees have to have the relevant qualifications. If necessary we offer them internal or external training. Our aim is to guarantee high-quality execution of our missions.

Wherever possible, we aim to avoid and to control any negative impact on the environment. To this end, we map out our environmental aspects and the impact thereof for management. We want to increase our own electricity production in the years ahead by installing solar panels over the whole of our company premises. We also want to reduce consumption of paper, electricity, fuel and gas. And finally we aim for optimal recycling and re-using packaging materials.  


We also want to promote our approach to our suppliers and clients.

Anyone who wants can request to see the ISO certificates and all the information that underline our quality and environmental goals (info@highdemandbrands.eu). The goals will be monitored throughout the year and set against benchmarks. Each year we evaluate the goals and the policy and adjust where necessary. Management fulfils its role of outlining its policy declaration to its own employees. If they so wish, suppliers, sub-contractors, clients, principals and other stakeholders can obtain these by sending a request to Jan Sluyts (info@highdemandbrands.eu).