In 2007, Marcia Kilgore, world-renowned entrepreneur and award-winning businesswoman, founded FitFlop™, and she introduced her first biomechanically designed sandals to thousands of women worldwide who were seeking comfortable shoes. Ten years later, FitFlop has expanded its range with sneakers, loafers and slip-ons, and it has introduced their worldwide campaign 'FOR SUPERWOMEN' featuring Uma Thurman. FitFlop believes that empowering women starts with a good foundation. The objective of FitFlop, therefore, is to help build women's strength and self-confidence.

During a lifetime, we take about 220 MILLION STEPS. Why should we do that in poorly fitting shoes?

Internationally, FitFlop™ is seen as a shoe brand of comfortable shoes. Its scientific research into the position of the foot and how it affects the posture of the body is unique. While comfort and biomechanics remain a priority for us, we firmly believe that style and comfort can go hand in hand perfectly.

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    Questions or suggestions?

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