The impact of effective and efficient marketing on improved results is direct and immediate. To achieve this, we have formed an experienced and dynamic marketing team. Our team will gladly share their experience with you, for both your online and offline marketing.

Just like our sales team, marketing support is there to help you think things out and is ready to enter into any dialogue. We believe in a personal approach to all of our clients. Contact our marketing department and ask about 'Your step-by-step plan for increasing sales'.

Our marketing team will not only be in direct contact with your company, but it will actually work closely with sales, with a view to improving synergy throughout the entire process.

In addition to custom marketing support, every season we launch national and international campaigns to improve the general brand awareness of our products and to generate more traffic for the shops. What's more, for those who prefer a more personal approach, we help you make plans for organising open-door days or a Facebook activity and many other customised creative ideas.

Successful marketing free of charge

Highlight your company and our brands:

  • Offers and activities during opendoor days, events or late-shopping evenings
  • A Facebook competition to increase the promotion of your store, a brand or a product
  • Newsletters to inform your customers
  • Instore and outdoor presentation for the local promotion of a brand or a product
  • Advertisements to highlight your store and brands

We want to help you further and to collaborate in realising your success!

Send us an e-mail or contact our marketing team by telephone if you have any other questions or suggestions.

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