Although we have a particularly large portfolio of brands, we have deliberately opted for a specialised and experience sales team per category. In this way, we allow our representatives room to focus in full on their own field. At our head office too, you will find experienced staff there to help you.

We enjoy sharing our experience with you and with your staff. For instance, our representatives regularly hold staff training sessions, they help you come up with possible activities and campaigns, and they bring our clients into contact with the right people.

Our sales team is ready to enter into any dialogue and to help you think about the best possible strategy for your business. They will help you come up with successful formulas, such as stock linking and ICT optimisation. What's more, we have invested in a new, extensive online B2B platform that offers our clients support 24/7.

The objective of every instance of contact with one of our representatives is to provide our clients with tested resources that will boost results immediately.

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